QX Stand for CHS 7 Series Barcode Scanners

Price: $ 129.00

Built light-weight and maneuverable, the Socket Mobile QX Stand is designed to remain secure on any flat surface where you need to maximize barcode scanning efficiency and productivity.

Good technology can be incredibly complex but great technology makes things simpler. TheCHS 7 Series Barcode Scanners are not only mobile, light weight, and elegant - theyre NOW Grab & Go with the 7Qi/7Xi(2D Barcode Scanners). If you need it to work with the 7Ci you will need to purchase the add-on battery cover.

The CHS 7Qi or 7Xi with the QX Stand come with added intelligence which lets you take full advantage of a grab and go feature for fast-moving environments. You can go from scanning by hand or scanning using the QX Stand in seconds with the 7Qi or 7Xi.

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